Also known as the shepherd’s sling. This is a projectile weapon that increases your distance and speed when slinging an object as big as you desire.With practice you will find the most practical projectile for your objective.


Basics of a Sling

A shepherd’s sling is a cradle in the exact middle of two strand of any rope type material.One strand has a loop on the end in which you sinch around your middle or index  finger.The other strand has a knot that you hold with your thumb and finger(just pinch it) until that precise moment when you let go and the projectile is launched.

Once projectile is placed in cradle you then use the centripetal motion to hold object in pouch while spinning.( just keeping the rock in your sling can be a challenge for beginners).Then simply let go of knotted end and watch how far and fast you just slung a rock that could’ve never made that distance without  just a little piece of cord.

There’s so many methods of swinging to build speed and not lose accuracy and visa versa.As such a primitive weapon speed and accuracy takes hours on hours to perfect. It’s just like throwing a baseball,how accurate and consistent  you are depends on how well you practice.A sling is just an extension of your arm that can send boulders hundreds of feet!

A braided strand sling will be more heavier but less likely to twist which will improve accuracy and speed tremendously.A full pocket cradle with no holes in it will be able to throw smaller and multiple projectiles at one time.Decrease the mass of the pocket as in the open pocket style cradle and you will be able to sling bigger objects due to the pocket wrapping around the projectile  


When it comes to finding  ammo you’re looking for a smooth well rounded rock about the size of a golf ball.This will  give you the best accuracy.Hitting a watermelon sized target at 25 yards away consistency is a good goal to strive for if you  want be able to take down wild game. Sling bullets are usually made of lead or any heavy metal that can be shaped or forged.They are  football shaped with the two bladed ends sharpened and to a point.This design is used to penetrate due to the rotation of the projectile, and the odds of hitting your target wit a point end is very likely.Being made of a heavy material also gives you the distance and speed that you are really looking for when it comes to being efficient with your sling.These projectiles will exceed over 400 yards (1300 ft.)The only superior primitive weapon is a strong composite bow.


David And Goliath    

The oldest textual reference of a sling is mentioned in the Bible book of Judges 20:16.The most famous account of slinging was the battle of David and Goliath from the first book of Samuel 17:34-36.

The Philistine army came to invade the nation of Israel.Both armies stood across each other opposite sides of a deep valley. Everyday a giant of a man who was said to be over 9 feet tall known as goliath would taught the Israelites and King Saul.Goliath was well known for being a well trained warrorer along with his hight put enough fear to keep a entire army from advancing

David was the youngest of 12 sons of Jesse the Bethlehemite.He had to stay back while his brothers went to battle the Philistine army.After 40 days or so Jesse sent his son David to the battlefield to report on his brothers and see how the battle was turning out.Once david heard the insults that were coming from Goliath about his God and Nation.He Felt as if he had no choice but to fight this giant ,so he goes to king Saul and persuades him to let him join the battle.

With no armor just his staff,sling,and a few rocks,David approached Goliath on the battlefield.Goliath was amused by this little man with no armor in front of him about to throw a little pebble at him.Well that pebble found it’s way between his helmet and Knocked him out cold.Seizing his opportunity David quickly took Goliath’s sword and killed him with it by taking his head.The Philistine army was so shocked at seeing their greatest warrior defeated they retreated.David and the army chased down Goliaths entire family and killed them and brought all the heads to King saul.David is later known as King David.



Today slings are mainly a hobby but steady growing and slingfest are more and more common all across the states.

The current world record is 437.10m(1434ft). Set by Larry Bray in 1981.

The shepherd’s  sling still do live up to the name and are still used by shepherds to ward off wolves and  jackals from there sheep in many countries.

Many armed forces still use slings to throw grenades .Which shows you how primitive weapons will always have its place in the world

Here’s a video of me throwing big rocks with one of my first slings after about a week of slinging


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