//Smiling Sling Cuff

Smiling Sling Cuff



These paracord survival bracelets are not only stylish but very practical. 


Smiling sling cuffs area fully functional slings.


Attach string to sling for as much power as you need.


Made with 325 lb. paracord for durability and easy everyday carry.


Turn rocks into rockets with smiling split pouch design


Get fire starter striker as an add on and have the two necessities of survival,fire and food!

 Comes with 2 strings ,1 has two sliding knots(1 on finger, 1 on sling cuff) the other has a sliding knot and a regular knot( loop goes on sling cuff, knot is pinched while slinging)


Your sliding knot will tie on loop side of the cuff.


The other side of sling cuff will have a knot that will be attached by sliding knot of string.


The string length depends on your preference. 2 foot strings come with cuffs because I feel that’s the easiest for me to sling and see a difference besides me just throwing a rock, but the better you get the longer sling you will be able to sling.


These things are very dangerous so please be careful, the longer your sling the less accurate you will be but the force is comparable to firearm.


Small heavy round smooth projectiles are the best.

Check out these bad boys in action


Additional information

Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 1 in


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